Our History

Born in 1901, in the village of Dong Feng, Teo Ann, Guangdong China, Mr. Tan Chia Cher hails from the upper scholar class background. Following his early education in Guangdong University, he first arrived in Singapore at the instruction of his father in 1920 when China was facing political downturn and undergoing social transformation.

Educated bilingually, Mr. Tan started to learn the various trades of business in the British Colony of Singapore operating as a liaison between the English speaking community and Chinese speaking community. Started as a family-owned small business in 1925, CH GLOBAL was thus established by Mr. Tan Chia Cher, although at the time the company was known as Choon Hong & Company Pte Ltd until a name change in 2009 to capitalise on the Company’s existing global network.

Mr. Tan Chia Cher was joined in his passion for business by his son, Mr. Tan Yan Puan Peter. Together they pursued the same vision of bringing quality and friendship back to rattan and canes, with tradition, strong ethics and global networks.

The Company has since transformed into a professionally-run entity with international coverage. While building on the success of our core product, Rattan and Canes, we have ventured into other Agricultural and Forestry produce, Import/ Export and Engineering products. We have also successfully expanded our customer base from SE Asia to Asia, Central America, Europe and Middle East. As our business flourished, we grew steadily by establishing associate offices and factories in strategic regions.

With our headquarters based in Singapore, factories were established in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines with the strong support of our associates to aid our global expansion. Envisioning a global expansion without a presence in China is not possible, a China office was set up to tap our global network.

With our wealth of experience and strong business ethics, CH GLOBAL envisions to be the world’s leading global agricultural and Forestry import/export house.  

Our Corporate Profile

Asia Powerhouse

Associate offices and factories in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines & China

Singapore HQ

50,000 sqft Warehouse for display & storage

Global Reach

Trusted by over 120 clients worldwide

Personalized Service

Building long-term relationships that deliver long-term value and opportunity